Incentives and Gamification

Everyone desires feedback, wanting to be recognized for achievements & rewarded for their efforts. By using gamification & personalized incentives, you can drive ROI producing activities transforming teams & your company

Flexible Rules for Points and Rewards

Points-based incentive solutions perform better than other types of reward programs. The very nature of a points system makes it virtually foolproof since you’re building a form of branded currency that can be used in a variety of ways, appealing to the interests of many different types of participants.

Easy No Stress Reward Fulfillment

Spotlights by NextBee not only manages the entire fulfillment process for you but in most cases, we can completely automate it too. This means there will be no fulfillment effort required from your teams and your employees will experience immediate gratification for their engagement efforts.


Our turnkey technology allows you to use time tested gamification modules such as Kudos, Badges, Leaderboards and more to leverage the motivations and desires that exist in every employee – desires for being part of a community, getting performance feedback, recognition of their achievements for example.

Limitless No Commission Reward Options

Easy limitless rewards & fulfillment is what you get from Spotlights by NextBee. By having access to nearly 200 vendors and the ability to offer experiential and physical products you have the utmost flexibility in reward choices. And, best of all, we never charge any reward commissions – ever. When we recommend a reward or incentive, it’s because the data shows it’s working.

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