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  • 33% More Peer Coordination
  • 12% Increase in Productivity
  • 25% Boost in Referral Activity

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Employee Engagement Personalized!

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Engagement Engagement
Incentives & Gamification Incentives & Gamification
Insights & Analytics Insights & Analytics


Spotlights makes it practical to manage and optimize infinite employee engagement journeys, in which each employee determines what comes next for them. With Spotlights, management can re-imagine traditional methods of engaging and encouraging team members. Each team member becomes engaged in the context of their actual activities, behaviors and preferences.
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Incentives & Gamification

Built on over a decade’s worth of best practices, Spotlights easily runs your engagement efforts. Spotlights automatically promotes team involvement, interaction and builds connections. From Kudos to Badges to Leaderboards the various modules that Spotlights admins have access to seamlessly implement can create a personal feel and commitment to the workplace.
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Insights & Analytics

Spotlights places rich data at your disposal and takes all of the guesswork out of deciding what activities to use and what incentives or rewards are keeping employees motivated. Employee data, prior responses and predictive behavior modeling are all used to identify the most important intervention points – and the best kinds of responses and activities for each – allowing you to easily make adjustments and tweaks as the program matures.
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How Does Spotlights Drive Engagement?

We have built our Spotlights solution with a single-minded focus - create a turn-key solution that drives employee engagement. Spotlights by NextBee taps into our employee engagement expertise, professional training, coaching, and dedicated support. All of this provides what you need to ensure an increase in overall employee performance levels, employee satisfaction & retention rates, and in a way that generates more ROI faster.

Data Driven

What defines your best employee? How can you engage and motivate others? Are only certain teams performing or contributing to the company overall? These are just a few questions you can answer through our data driven platform.
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Fun to Use

Boost teamwork and morale with team building recognition modules such as kudos, badges, leaderboards, curated team generated content, and more. Our platform is streamlined so creating a sense of community and growth is simple and fun.
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Ready to Launch

By getting started today with our turn-key cutting edge employee engagement solution you can tap into decade of expertise, professional training, coaching and dedicated support you need to ensure a successful engagement campaign.
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Ready to Use Integrations

The Spotlights by NextBee platform can easily be integrated with nearly any HR, LMS and CRM software.

HR Software

Easily create, manage and update engagement across all popular business tools or connect through API seamlessly. We offer turnkey integration with Slack, Bamboo HR, ADP, and many others.

LMS Software

Enhance your existing onboarding programs & learning management systems by creating the best learning experience journey possible. We offer turnkey integration with Thought Industries, Travitor, Absorb LMS, and many others.

CRM Software

Gamify and Incentivize your sales and customer service departments with actionable insights from seamless integrations. We offer turnkey integration with Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and many others.

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Flexible Pricing Options

No two companies are alike and this is why Spotlights by NextBee allows you the flexible pricing you need to find the employee engagement solution that fits your needs!

Pricing is based on a number of factors including the features you select. However, since we are fully scalable and have vast experience in the engagement industry, we've created product tiers for you to easily get started.

Each tier offers added features but you also have the ability to implement add-ons allowing you to customize based on your needs.

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Ready to Learn More About Employee Engagement?

Read Employee Engagement: Features, Activities & Ideas. You’ll learn ways for your organization to engage employees for more meaningful team alignment, transparency, and focus.

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Solve your employee engagement problems faster with our turn-key, easy to implement, AI and Machine Learning driven solution so you can streamline learning, boost engagement levels and increase retention levels.

Align your company, your teams and your individual employees to foster a company culture that generates greater excellence.


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Experience the success that in-depth data analysis can bring to your company.
Register for a Spotlights Account to get started and we’ll connect with you in the next 48 hours.