Engagement that Drives Performance

Spotlights by NextBee fosters transparency and accountability for teams to increase employee satisfaction, improve retention and drive higher performance levels.

Find the Right Team Members

Spotlights makes it practical to manage and optimize infinite employee engagement journeys. Journeys where each employee determines what comes next for them while management teams, based on program engagement data, tweak and adjust all the methods of engaging and encouraging their team members.

Personal Engagement Automated

Spotlights by NextBee easily runs your engagement efforts and automatically promotes team involvement, interaction and builds inter-departmental connections. From Kudos to Badges to Leaderboards the various modules that Spotlights admins have access to seamlessly implement can quickly create a personal feel and commitment to the workplace.

Full Understanding & Control

The Spotlights platform has perhaps the most complete and robust data tracking technology and flexible admin portal on the market. No matter an activity occurs (offline, online, etc.) it can all be tracked by our system and then you can tweak your program as needed through the admin portal.

Completely Actionable Data

Spotlights places rich data at your disposal and takes all of the guesswork out of deciding what activities to use and what incentives or rewards are keeping employees motivated. Employee data, prior responses and predictive behavior modeling are all used to identify the most important intervention points – and the best kinds of responses and activities for each.
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